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Blog: Top tips for office security!

Take a look around your office, how many devices are connected to the internet? Let’s scale it down – how many devices on your desk are connected to the internet? A laptop? A computer? Desk Phone? Mobile Phone? Tablet? All these devices are a potential entry point for a hacker to access your network, which…
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How To Set-Up Auto Attendants And Call Queues On Microsoft Teams

Teams Auto Attendant and Call Queue Set-up To set-up Auto Attendants and Call Queue’s with Stream Networks Microsoft Teams Direct Routing service first log in to your Teams admin centre. Create a Teams Resource Account Next in the left hand navigation menu click on RESOURCE ACCOUNTS Each auto attendant and call queue you create in…
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How To Add An IP Phone To Teams

How do you add an IP Phone or SIP Device to Microsoft Teams? To add a SIP device to Microsoft Teams simply login to the teams admin centre and then click on Teams Devices in the left hand navigation menu Next click on the Phones option and on the phone page in the top right…
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How To Find O365 Tenant ID For Teams Direct Routing

How do you find your O365 Tenant ID to set-up Teams Direct Routing Operator Connect? Each Microsoft Office 365 Tenant has a Unique ID or Globally Unique Identifier (GUID). In order to set-up Teams Operator Connect we need this Unique ID to automatically configure your Direct Routing service. The ID is different to your domain…
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What O365 Licences Do I Need For Teams Direct Routing

What Microsoft 0365 Licences do you need for Teams Direct Routing? Understanding what Licences are required to use Microsoft Teams as a phone system can be complex. Our short blog below summarises what Office365 licences are required to enable voice calling from Microsoft Teams. In addition to the Microsoft licences below you will also need…
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The Importance Of Cyber Security In 2022

Why Cyber Security? Now more than ever cyber security should be at the forefront when it comes to planning within a business. First there was the nuances to working practices, bought about by COVID -19, and now there is war in Europe bringing about a new threat – cyber based warfare. Battles are also fought…
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Ultimate Guide to Leased Lines

If you’re looking for a reliable, efficient internet connection for your broadband, a leased line could be the solution. But what exactly is a leased line and how could it benefit your business? This Stream Networks Ultimate Guide to Leased Lines will help you to understand this broadband solution and to decide whether it is…
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Five Benefits of Hosted Telephony

In the UK the old ISDN network is being switched off in 2025 so businesses of all shapes and sizes will have to embrace Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls by then. Many organisations are taking advantage of moving to an internet-based hosted telephony solution today, in advance of the big switch off date…
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What Is Hardware As A Service

What Is Hardware As A Service? Hardware As A Service (HAAS) is a business model where technology and IT hardware are delivered as a managed service on a monthly fee basis. Similar to leasing where instead of buying new equipment outright as a capital expense you rent the underlying hardware from a managed service provider…
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Investment In Training Award

Some positive news for Stream Networks on a grey March day…  We have been awarded a commendation certificate, to recognise our contribution and investment with the training of young people into the workplace. Part of our company values are to develop youth talent, and by working with WBTC for the last 9 years we have…
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Cyber Attacks – What You Need To Know

Cyber Attacks – Why We All Need To Act Now A local council in the UK has been targeted again in the second cyber-attack directed via an email attachment to a council employee.  Causing untold cost to the systems. Public sectors are already stretched financially however if they find themselves in the unfortunate position of…
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LOG4J Vulnerability Statement

Stream Networks is actively monitoring Log4j vulnerabilities across our network, cloud platform and 3rd party services.  The Log4j vulnerability was first reported on Friday, 10 December 2021.  A second related issue was reported Tuesday, 14 December 2021. In summary Stream Networks have completed an audit of our core infrastructure and although some systems do have…
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Christmas Network Freeze 2021

Dear Customer/Partner, As is customary for this time of year, we wanted to write and update you with confirmation of our plans for the festive period. Business Hours Our Sales, Operations and Accounts departments will be closed from 17:00 on 24/12/21 until 09:00 on 04/01/22 Technical Support Our technical support department will be open and…
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What Is Hybrid Cloud?

The term hybrid cloud is a computing environment that utilises a mix of private and public cloud solutions to deliver enterprise IT infrastructure. In a hybrid cloud deployment, a company could use a mix of private cloud services (virtual machines) utilising hypervisor platforms such as VMware that are hosted within a private datacenter, cloud storage…
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What Is A Cloud Firewall?

A cloud firewall is a Firewall Appliance that provides network security within a cloud computing environment.  Unlike on-premises traditional firewalls a cloud firewall is a virtualized Firewall operating system that runs on a virtual machine within a hypervisor such as VMware for private cloud use within a data center, or a public cloud such as…
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What Is A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a public cloud service that allows organisations to run a private cloud infrastructure within a public cloud. AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure and other service providers such as Stream Networks offer their own VPC infrastructure. How is a Virtual Private Cloud Isolated from other customers? With…
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