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Business Cloud Telephony

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Our Cloud Telephony solutions offer businesses a uniquely simple telephone system that brings together all the convenience of modern technology into one easy-to-use phone system.

With the choice of Mitel, Yealink or Polycom VoIP phones, or utilising the Mobile collaboration App, our Cloud Telephony platform ensures your business can have Exceptional Voice Everywhere.

Connecting to our telephony cloud reduces business overhead, while dramatically improving the quality of service and functionality organisations expect from a key business communication system.


The Stream Cloud Telephony system is hosted within leading datacentres ensuring your voice is ultra-secure with the added benefits of traffic prioritisation, and high availability ensuring your voice traffic is crystal clear and always available.


Cloud telephony reduces capex costs and provides services at a cost per user per month. This allows companies to increase or decrease costs depending on headcount and seasonal trends.


Stream provides UK Local, National and Mobile all-inclusive calls within the monthly rental plan ensuring you have control over costs and typically saving up to 50% against fixed-line services.


Configuration changes are made easy with access to the web management platform, add a divert, set-up a call group or change your auto attendant message in a few clicks of the mouse.

Business Hosted Telephony Core Features

Your callers will never face the frustration of reaching an engaged tone again! Check out the fuil features below.


Collaborate in real time using audio conferencing and web based screen sharing. Work together using my group chat function and share or update
documents remotely.


Protect users from fraudulent activity such as hacking or excessive unauthorised call spends, through a number of measures including Exceptional Call Protection (ECP), audits, password management and no dial through from voicemail.


Connect your phone system to your IT systems for Calender and CRM integration. Change your availability status and route calls to an alternative destination.


Call centre functionality provides highly visual wallboard displays and Automatic Call Distribution that evenly distributes calls to queues, recordings or specific agents.


Hunt groups will make sure the right person always answers your call. Play music and hold your callers when people are unavailable to answer the phone immediately, while custom menus let you direct calls based on the department the caller wishes to contact


Link all your sites together into one phone system. You will benefit from free calls between them and configure inbound numbers to ring where you want them to.


Make sure you record those all-important calls, no matter which device you use, then access them through our intuitive portal. The process is industry compliant and you can use our data centres to store calls safely and securely.


Use my portal to choose the number you want, regardless of where your office is located, or if you would rather keep your existing numbers, that’s not a problem. I can move your current numbers to my network for you to use however you want.

Choose your hosted telephony plan

Our cost-effective hosted telephony plans include everything from handsets to voicemail and include 5000 minutes to UK local, national and mobile networks.
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per month

  • 5000 minutes per seat
  • Entry Level Handset (36 month)
  • Voicemail
  • Fax to Email
  • Personal Call Queue
  • Call Forward Busy/No Answer
  • Music on Hold
  • On Demand Call Recording
  • Call Protection
  • Call spend limits
  • Mobile Phone App (optional extra)
  • Desktop App for UC intergration (optional extra)
  • Up to 7 years call recording (optional extra)
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per month

  • 5000 minutes per seat
  • Entry Level Handset (36 month)
  • Voicemail
  • Fax to Email
  • Personal Call Queue
  • Call Forward Busy/No Answer
  • Music on Hold
  • On Demand Call Recording
  • Call Protection
  • Call spend limits
  • Mobile Phone App Included
  • Desktop App for UC intergration (optional extra)
  • Up to 7 years call recording (optional extra)
  • Instant Messaging
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Talk to one of our friendly telephony experts to see how our hosted cloud telephony platfom can help your business improve service and reduce costs!




Do I still need a PBX (private branch exchange)?

No – you don’t need a traditional PBX but you will technically still be using a PBX. The PBX will be hosted within the Cloud instead of an on-premises solution.


Is cloud telephony and VoIP the same thing?

Cloud-based VoIP refers to the use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) capable phones with the call routing component handled off-site, in a datacentre.


Do I still need a PBX (private branch exchange)?How much bandwidth do I need?

The rough rule for cloud communications is a 100Kbs of bandwidth for both uplaod and download. This ensures even those using an ADSL broadband internet connection can use cloud telephony. However it is worth considerign that any outages can result in a failure to make and recieve calls; so we would always recommend employing some kind of enhancd care to mamimise uptime.


Why should I use a Cloud Telephony system?

The big reason you are reading more and more about VoIP, SIP and Cloud Telephony sytems is because BT are shutting down the traditional PSTN & ISDN telephone networks in 2025. This means all you will no longer be able to use traditional phone lines for calls – a cloud telephony platform is the business phone system of chocie for now and the future.


I’ve had the same phone number for years which my customer know and I don’t want to lose – what can I do?

No worries, we know that customer experience is everything. We’ll explain the number porting process to you to ensure you won’t lose avaluble part of your brand.


I’m a small business and cloud telephony sounds a little complicated for my “basic” needs – I just want to make and recieve calls.

Our system is completely scalable to all business needs and sizes. The “bread and butter” of the system is that it is hassle free and simple to operate. There is also a world of functionality that empowers small businesses to enjoy an enterprise phone system. With the system being so simple, and managed through a straightforward portal, you do not require an in-house expertise to run the platform.


​Can I dial out directly from my CRM?

Yes, our cloud telephony paltform has a wide rnage of integrations avialable. These include communication platforms such as Skype for Business and Microsoft Outlook, to CRM systems such as Salesforce and Dynamics.
We will also be using Microsfot Teams integration later in 2021, a valuble addition for video conferencing.


Can remote workers use the system?

One of the biggest benefits of Cloud telephony is how agile and flexible the systems are. It does not matter where you workers are based, they can have the platform with them at all via mobile applications and PC Softphones. Of course there is also the option for a desk phone too. Whervever an internet connection exists, a cloud phone system does too.


How secure is a Cloud telephony system?

Businesses can rest assured that all telecoms services from Stream are secure. As a trusted service provider we ensure our platform is bult to resist modern day business problems such as hacking. Also, protection around a modern data centre far exceeds that which a premise based phone system can offer.

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